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How do I install the Live Picture system?

Great question! While each LivePicture will be slightly different depending on how big it is and how many brackets it has here are a set of videos illustrating how to install a LivePicture I.



What kind of plants can I use in my living wall?

Many of the indoor tropical plants make great additions to your vertical garden. Take a look at our Plant Guide for ideas on plants for our LivePanels. Remember to keep the reservoir well watered. If the dirt in the pocket dries out then the soil may shrink and lose contact with the cotton wick that keeps the dirt moist. If this happens, water the pocket from above to fully saturate the dirt and encourage contact again with the cotton wick. 


So many of your competitor's products require pumps and electricity. How do you get away not using them?

Glad you asked! Our product has a cotton cloth wicking system throughout the entire cassette. The cotton wick absorbs water in the holding tank of the frame and distributes the water to the plant's roots through capillary action, keeping the plants evenly well watered. The only time you may want to purchase a pump from us is if you are installing a living wall over 200 square feet so watering will be easier.


Why do you think your product is better than your competition?

Not only is our product easier to use, it also more durable than competitors'. Plus, the system's design takes into consideration the health of the plants by letting them grow upright. This allows the plant's roots to spread just like in nature instead of being confined to a pot. 


What happens if my plants die?

If in the unfortunate instance one of your plants dies in your vertical garden, you'll need to remove it by cutting at the roots. Pulling on the roots may hurt the neighboring plants. Take care to cut the dead plant out and the left behind roots will decompose and make great fertilizer for your new plant.

Will you do installs out of state?

Absolutely! We support customers all across the US. 

For the LivePanels, what is needed for the bottom of the system? Does the gutter feed back to the top with hoses?

No. There is no re-circulation system. Once the system is full. Stop adding water to the top of the system. In an indoor environment the system will retain water for 1 - 2 weeks.


Does the dirt clog the gutter system?

No, the dirt held within the cups never leaves the cups. The cloth wick that runs behind each cup is tight to the backing. There is no place for the soil to move to the gutters.

How big can I build my living wall using LivePanels?

No project is too big for our LivePanels, as they have been used in projects all across the world. If you have a project over 200 square feet, we recommend providing you with a pump system to make watering easier.


Do the gutter rails in preset sizes work with as many cassettes as needed? I have a particular size I need to maintain.

The gutters and cassettes can both be custom cut to fit any size wall.


Is your moss real?

Yes. Our moss is harvested from forest habitats across the world and preserved in it's natural state. 

Does your moss need to be watered?

No. Our moss is retaining all the water it will ever need, so all it needs is a cool environment with no direct sunlight.

How long do moss walls last?

Our preserved moss will stay in its condition for seven to ten years, depending on its environment and care. Moss needs to be kept indoors, away from direct sunlight and running water. When going with a moss wall designer, be sure to get samples of the moss to be used. Many designers still use cheaply preserved mosses like what you get in craft and hobby stores. Purchase a Sample Box to see our selection of species and colors.

Are people allergic to moss?

There is no evidence of people being allergic to moss. It doesn't have the same plant structures that cause allergies.

What does the preserved moss look and smell like?

After harvest, moss looks and smells exactly how it does in nature. It is very common for moss to have a musky scent right after it is installed but the smell will dissipate after several days.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

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