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Gardening On Walls works with Architects, Interior Designers, and General Contractors motivated to make a stunning impact on their spaces and who appreciate a turn-key solution - from design to installation.


Gardening On Walls is Planted Mural Art that utilizes preserved mosses, living plants, economically resourced artificials, and precision artistry to provide beautiful verdant spaces that stir awe for onlookers. From your typical green wall to full-fledged flower walls to cutting edge garden art, we have created some of the most inspiring spaces across the United States with nearly 10 years in the industry.

 Beautiful Living

LivePanel (6x4).jpg

Preserved Moss &
Plant Walls


Artificial Plant &
Flower Walls

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 10.04.13 AM.png
  • 100% real and alive.

  • Automated watering systems available.

  • Lower maintenance than other systems.

  • Great solution for space-constrained environments.

  • 100% real moss and ferns, preserved to keep softness and color.

  • Customize size, shape, & color.

  • Extremely low to no maintenance.

  • Interior use only.

  • Realistic and durable.

  • Endless customization from succulent walls to plant and flower walls.

  • No maintenance.

  • Indoor and outdoor applications.

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