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Where can living walls go?

Vertical gardening is no longer just for large scale outdoor projects. Homes, offices, and business can now experience the beauty and health benefits of putting plants on walls.


We can help design your vertical gardening project! After a consultation to gain insight of your space we will create a custom design based off your specific requirements, such as: the area's design scheme, how the space will be used and environmental factors that will affect the plants such as light, temperature, and water.


Click here to email us pictures of your walls and we will give you free photo renderings of how our vertical gardens will look in your space!

The Home

Perfect for the large or space-conscious home. Gardening on Walls gives you the ability to have plants while keeping them away from kids and pets.

The Office

Employees appreciate an employer who is looking out for their general well-being and willing to create a soothing space to increase productivity and creativity.

Your Business

Living Picture Wall Art in Retail or Restaurant Businesses.

Gardening on Walls isn't just for commercial office spaces that "plant-scape" the office building. Gardening on Walls brings a hip, eco-conscious atmosphere to any business.

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