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The Science Behind our Living Walls

Vertical gardening is among the latest top trends in interior design. Our living walls have been developed to be the friendliest vertical planter box for both you and your plants.

Structures for traditional vertical gardens may hold their plants in small pots, resulting in roots that end up running out of space and matting together as your plants grow larger.

Other designs hold the plants at a horizontal angle; better for your roots but less ideal for your stems.

Introducing the LivePanel

LivePicture III - 02.jpg

Within a LivePanel, roots are allowed to spread continuously across the whole of each panel through a soil brick, mimicking root spread in nature so that your plants will continue to mature healthy.

Each plant has its own pocket to sit in, fostering natural vertical growth.

A closed reservoir channel automatically regulates water to your plants. Its easy to refill and will keep your walls and floor safe from drip. 

Full Cross-Section of LivePanel.PNG

Easy Watering: LivingWalls use a cotton wicking system so plants get all the water they need. In our smaller scale LivePictures, the system will alert you by releasing the red plunger, letting you know that enough water has entered the system. No hoses, no electricity - just beautiful plants.

Plant Angle: Plants aren't meant to grow horizontally; let them grow like they grow in nature. Our system allows them to grow vertically to best access light and nutrients.

Red Plunger
Sticks Up!

Our vertical gardening products are safe for your walls and offer an exceptional value in quality, beauty, and functionality. It all starts with our product's unique construction.

Don't want to water your vertical garden or provide your own plants? 

View our pages on moss and artificial walls.

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