In the workplace, we spend most of our adult lives thinking, growing, and creating. Not only will your employees love our products but your customers as well. Green up your office with our selection.

Easy to Maintain: living walls only need watering every 1 - 6 weeks.

Self-Contained Units: unlike other products, our living walls have no pumps, no need for electricity, and no need for damaging your walls with water.

Incredible Space Saver: perfect for space conscious areas.

In addition to the health benefits of plants cleansing the air, several workplace studies found:*

Higher Productivity: the speed in completing a computer task was 12% faster when plants were present.

Increased Creativity: 15% more ideas were generated by people who worked in an office with plants.

Employees Stick Around: plants in the workplace reduced absenteeism from 15% to 5%.

Better State of Mind: plants have shown for years to reduce stress amongst those around them.

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Don't want to water your vertical garden or provide your own plants? 

View our pages on moss and artificial walls.

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