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Don't want to water your vertical garden or provide your own plants? 

View our pages on moss and artificial walls.


Making a living space unique and beautiful is a desire of every homeowner. Living walls are art pieces that make any home come alive. Our products offer a wide range of benefits to your home:

Easy to Maintain: our systems only need watering every 1 - 6 weeks.

Self-Contained Units: unlike other products, our living walls have no pumps, no need for electricity, and no need to damage your walls.

Incredible Space Saver: perfect for all homes and especially savvy for city dwellers. Keeps your plants out of reach from kids and pets.

Plus, there are numerous health benefits to having plants in our homes.

Air Purification: indoor plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins within 24 hours.

Comfort Enhancement: Plants create a humidity level matching the recommended human comfort range of 30% - 60%.

School Performance Boosters: significant improvements were found in students tested on spelling, reading, Science and/or Math with plants present.

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